Gale 3040 Floor standing speakers

Slim, neat and heavy 3040th of the British company "Gale" creates an impression of a serious, good-quality acoustic product. A ballast compartment, isolated from the useful volume by a solid partition, is arranged in the bottom part of the body. There is a dome membrane of the tweeter in the base of a small horn. Each of two bass reflex ports is equipped with an airflow divider. Both 130-mm speakers rest by back sides of membranes upon the total volume of construction and emit at basses in phase; the upper one from the pair works up to second crossover frequency. All the heads are magnet-shielded; crossover's filters are "soft" (fading is 6dB per octave). Spikes and figured supports are included.

Emphasizing the most informative areas of spectrum (upper middle, bottom top), the system as if calls the listener to focus on details, which are bright, contrastive and multi-faceted. If the sound of brass gets a hard alienating hint at increased volume, intriguing richness of well-articulated vocal is taken by the ear gracefully. Middle-upper informative superfluity is compensated for the most part by a good clearance of details. Available to the system low frequencies (upper bass), which are least liable to harmful effects of volume's variation, have a serious dynamic potential. The image of scenic space is effectively relief.

Among musical priorities of Gale 3040 it is necessary to mark out the vocals and various chamber forms, including classical ones. Good vocal showings will be very useful for the theatre. It is better to take the company's subwoofer - for example, 3080W.

Gale 3040 Floor standing speakers photo