Gale Loudspeakers reviews

Gale 3040 Floor standing speakers review
Floor standing speakers Gale 3040

Slim, neat and heavy 3040th of the British company "Gale" creates an impression of a serious, good-quality acoustic product. A ballast compartment, isolated from the useful volume by a solid partition, is arranged in the bottom part of the body. There is a dome membrane of the tweeter in the base of...
Gale 3080W Subwoofer review
Subwoofer Gale 3080W

Almost everything in the design of 3080W inspires confidence - a big massive subwoofer, which has something to show. A good ten inch head rests by back side of cellulose diffuser upon almost 40 liters of useful volume (minus space occupied by the amplifier). Passport nominal power of amplifier is quite...
Gale Loudspeakers 3020 Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Gale Loudspeakers 3020

This is a diminished copy of floor Gale 3040 - the same heads: a "silk" tweeter, LF/MF driver, equipped with phase corrector. The speakers are shielded. The body is solidly made. Each bass reflex port is equipped with airflow divider. A separate band switching is provided. Sound color of 3020 is quite...