ProAc Studio 130 Floor standing speakers

Despite of the outward similarity with the speaker systems ProAc Studio 125, Studio 130 is substantially different from its predecessors. What are the changes, which found the place in ProAc Studio 130? Firstly, a different tweeter is used here, custom-made by famous Danish company - Vifa. MF/LF-speaker of Scanspeakproduction was also modified - the basket is reinforced, the magnetic system is improved. Another important novelty is the placement of the bass-reflex port at the bottom of the speaker system. Due to the increased length of the tube, it became possible to tune the bass reflex to lower frequency, what must positively impact on the microdynamics and bass speed. In addition, an owner will need to install them on spikes, included in the kit, for providing the effective work of the bass reflex. Pedestals with a big hole in the center are also attached to ProAc Studio 130. They are designed to enhance the sustainability of slim speaker systems and provide an additional dressing for the bass reflex. Like in Studio 125 the tweeter is slightly displaced from the central axis of the front panel. The quality of the finish by wood veneer is traditionally for ProAc on the highest level and the terminals for acoustic cables allow two-wire connection.

The collection of the best hits of Michel Sardou opens the listening - oh, how people could record the music in the 70-es of the past century... A perfect playing of vocal immediately draws your attention - power and a storm of emotions, imported by the Frenchman in his songs, make you sincerely emphasize the heroes of his works. In those compositions, where it is necessary, ProAc 130 creates a really reference stage with excellent projection in depth. Despite of the small size of woofer and overall smooth character of sounding, the speakers don't get embarrassed under the pressure of rhythm section and "distortion" of Gary's Moore guitar. Although the lack of lower bass is still felt, attack in low-frequency range is sharp and quick that allows you to achieve desirable drive and to keep right rhythm. The record of violin concert of Mozart revealed another strong side of ProAc Studio 130 - the ability to deliver timbre of strings correctly. Sounds of violin need just a little bit airy, but the number of details, imported from a soundtrack, just amazes - everything that happens on stage is heard. Intonation interaction between the groups of instruments in the orchestra is also exemplary - the sound turns out to be coherent and dynamic, you want to listen to it not to analyze.

Well, the debut of ProAc Studio 130 was successful - the speaker systems cope excellently with all musical genres. Smooth tonal balance, soft but at the same time clear bass and open middle - all of these allows the speakers to play successfully the most complex passages. Perhaps, the new model plays better than its predecessor ProAc Studio 125, especially in high-frequency range.

ProAc Studio 130 Floor standing speakers photo