JBL LX6 Floor standing speakers

If legitimately speak about "American sound", it will be the most appropriate to do it relatively to JBL acoustics, the sound of which differs by a certain singularity. We can judge about the importance of this singularity by high popularity of the company's products. We won't risk confirming that the singularity of LX-6 sound has a relevant national character, but will agree with the presence of this singularity in its voice. First of all, a very good middle was immediately found out: the finest details, forming the basis of expression of such instrument as a human voice, appeared in lyrical vocal parts. Blackmore's guitar rang a bit brighter than it is needed, but this fact can hardly be related to the system's disadvantages - most likely to the mentioned above characteristics of sound, which distinguish JBL products among "dispassionate" speaker systems, transferring sound producer's idea coldly and precisely. And the external look of these speaker systems makes you fix eyes on aqua color of the frame of high-frequency head, peeping out from the decorative grill. Generally, the small floor speaker systems gave a surprisingly assertive bass (unfortunately, not very deep) at the listening to Dire Straits, but truly at low and middle volume level. At signal level increase a little discomfort was felt, basses started to lose their original purity. At the comfort volume level such problems were not observed. Sad Scottish songs of Candice Night left the impression of light rise of overtones in female voice and a high brightness of acoustic guitar. Stereo effect was absolutely convincing and its depth was especially felt in jazz repertoire on qualitative recordings from two tape recorders without any sophisticated modern methods of sound processing. The ability of JBL LX-6 to cope with the rapid changes of the amplitude of sound signal still leaves something to be desired, and at high level such important aspect as sound clarity starts to suffer.

JBL LX6 Floor standing speakers photo