BIC Acoustech PL-89 Floor standing speakers

The model PL-89 is the older model in this series and in all model range of BIC America. From other models it distinguishes by horn tweeter and high operating power. The designers decided that having two bands of this model would be enough. In addition, 165m emitter with aluminum dome, being loaded on deep rectangular horn, plays the role of both tweeter and midrange. The use of horn and neodymium magnet significantly increases sensitivity of the speaker system. Two 200mm woofers are designed for playing the lowest frequencies. Their diffusers are reinforced by polymer; the suspension is made of butyl. The huge bass reflex port is put on the front wall. A small size of the speakers and front location of the bass reflex port allow you to save space and place them directly next to a wall.

The musical potential of the model is quite specific. Substantial simplifications and sometimes distortions of tone, dynamic and space picture are heard while the listening to classical music. Coloring is noted in lower case - plangency. Due to deficit of image's transparency the scene a bit "gasps". After a short warm-up and moving the volume level significantly above the average the speaker system as if drops shackles, mentioned-above shortcomings appear weaker in this case but not disappear. This speaker system will appeal to fans of electro music; it manages with acoustic music quite conditionally.

BIC Acoustech PL-89 Floor standing speakers photo