Yamaha RX-797 Stereo Receiver

At the designing of the front side of RX-797 the designers refused from modern minimalism and didn't hide the controls behind a special door. Here there are input selector, the regulations of volume, tone on HF and LF, loudness and linear input selector for connection a tape recorder. On the right side of information board there are keys which command Pure Direct and CD Direct modes, providing the signal pass with minimum changes.

Modern trends reflected on the functionality of Yamaha RX-797. The engineers gave to their creation the ability to commutate composite video and also work with acoustics in the second zone (for this purpose there is an additional remote control). In addition, outputs of 12V triggers, using for control of different peripheral devices of the home automation system, were found on the back panel. It is noticeable that sections of pre-amplifier and power amplifier are physically separated in the receiver. In addition, Yamaha RX-797 has a separate subwoofer output.

The internal layout of the receiver doesn't look like densely packed bodies of cinema counterparts. There is lots of space inside that contributes to the maintenance of normal heat mode without additional tweaks like fans for forced cooling. The circuit technique of the model is classic with the solid torrid transformer and large capacitances in the power supply, providing continuous power of 260W with possible peaks up to 650W. The receiver has more than enough energetic reserves for supplying only two amplification channels of 100W per each, and this gives us hope for its extraordinary musical abilities.

Yamaha RX-797 was tested in combination with two signal sources - CD-player and vinyl player. And in the second case we decided to listen to both built-in MM-equalizer and external corrector, which is more expensive than our examinee. The receiver shows the firmed Yamaha's sound. Open, free upper register - maybe a bit harsh and cold - combines with springy, focused but slightly restrained bass. The detailing of sound field is on the top. The kick is scathing, attack is worked out brilliantly. There is only one feeling that the picture needs a bit depth and scale. The issued equalizer is not able to unlock full potential of vinyl source - style of performance looks very simplified. After connection of the external unit the situation drastically changes. The resolution ability of the system increases (as if the veil was taken off from the speakers), the bass register tightens.

On the background of global interest to multi-channel AV-techniques the appearance of affordable classic stereo receiver on the market cannot but rejoice.

Yamaha RX-797 Stereo Receiver photo