Yamaha R-N602 Stereo Receiver

A prime example of the symbiosis of the latest technological solutions and classical approach in both circuit technics and design is a stereo receiver - Yamaha R-N602. By combining in one case an amplifier on the discrete elements, FM tuner and multimedia network player, which supports the proprietary technology of building of multiroom systems (MusicCast), Yamaha offered almost an ideal component, around which you can build a modern music system.

The central place on the faceplate of Yamaha R-N602, made of metallized plastic, which imitates brushed aluminum, is given to a huge informative display. Underneath there are flat handles of controls of tones, channels' balance and loudness. To the left of them there is a rotatable switch of inputs and to the right - the joystick navigating system menu. It is helpful to scroll through lists on the display and select any item, be it menu item or music track. Here also are a big volume control, Pure Direct button, USB port for quick connection of external drives, switch of speaker systems and headphones output.

You can integrate Yamaha R-N602 into the computer network either by Ethernet connection or wirelessly - Wi-Fi adapter that supports the fastest today 802.11n protocol is built into the device. To use wireless network you just should not forget to connect an included antenna to the connector on the back wall of the body. If the device is integrated into computer network, except playing music from the network DLNA servers it offers some additional functions. Firstly, the reception of internet radio programs, the number of which is already more than 20 thousands all over the world. For ease of navigation they can be organized by genres, name, regions and other criteria. Secondly, the receiver fully supports the proprietary technology of creating Yamaha MusicCast multiroom systems, which allows you to combine various audio devices- multichannel and stereo receivers, wireless speaker systems, sound bars, mini systems, smartphones, tablets and computers. Such integration gives the possibility to use the united for the whole system record library with a central or distributed storage of audio files and the centralized control over playback with a help of special app "MusicCast CONTROLLER", installed on your tablet or smartphone under iOS or Android. Not only servers of home network or memory of your portable gadget can serve as storage of audio tracks. In addition, in MusicCast system you can stream music from any source, connected to one of the nodes, to different rooms of your house or apartment. For example, you can listen to vinyl, being played in the living-room on the stereo system, based on Yamaha R-N602, on wireless speaker system - Yamaha WX-030, placed in the bedroom.

MusicCast technology is fully compatible with audio of high resolution - FLAC, WAV with resolution up to 24 bit/192 kHz and also DSP are supported. The support of various wireless data transmission channels is also remarkable and this really expands the choice of components for your multiroom-system. MusicCast technology can use not only Wi-Fi as wireless data transfer environment, but also Bluetooth. In addition, you can connect the system's components by a simple twisted pair through Ethernet. Finally, you can transmit music on receiver from mobile phone or tablet directly - either via Bluetooth by A2DP protocol or Wi-Fi using AirPlay. There is a possibility to play music from external USB storage devices.

Digital to analog conversion is entrusted to Burr Brown DSD 1791 chip of the company "Texas Instruments", which is able to process not only PCM stream with parameters of 24 bit/192 kHz, but the material in DSD format. Output cascades of the receiver are made on pairs of transistors A1695/C4468 of the company "Sanken". The cast ribbed radiator, taking the central place inside the receiver's body, is used for their cooling. The power supply is provided by a huge and heavy transformer of the Bando Company.

On the switching panel we can note the presence of Phono input for the connection of vinyl player with MM type cartridge and the possibility of using an active subwoofer.

Assessing the character of Yamaha R-N602 sound, the epithet "well-bred" comes to mind. Very airy and a bit cold presentation, which fills the sound picture with the finest details, does not cross the line when an analytical dissection of the record starts. Perhaps, there will be tracks in your library, while playing of which you will need more warmth and liveliness of images, softening of accents will be noticeable in dynamically rich moments of symphonic canvases, but this is only in comparison with the devices of much higher class. It is very difficult to compete with Yamaha R-N602 in terms of price and quality ratio. Also note the ability of the receiver to emphasize the advantages of the high resolution tracks. Well-known compositions, presented with the parameters of 24 bit/192 kHz or DSD, open new nuances of the recordings.

Yamaha R-N602 Stereo Receiver photo