Paradigm 7se mk3 Floor standing speakers

Paradigm 7se Mk3 is a Canadian three-way speaker system of bass reflex type (bass reflex output is on the faceplate). Design color decision is recognizable: the body and grilles are black; the dynamics panel is silver-grey. Translucent diffusers as though shine on the background, completely keeping the feeling of high quality corporate style. The speaker's sizes are 850x210x360 mm (33.4"x8.2"x14.1"), in other words having rather large depth, they look quite slim. The diameter of high-frequency dome is 30 mm (1.1"); the diameters of both low-frequency oscillators are 170 mm (6.7"). The range of amplifier power is 15-175 W for the channel. The system allows using "bi-wiring" and "bi-amping" connection. Paradigm is especially good at low part of the range: low-tuned phase inverter meets the challenges well, providing admirable border of almost 30 Hz. Frequency characteristic confirms this too. The experts noticed colorful volume basses, expressive sound of bass-drum and kettledrum. The scales of delicacy variations don't cause special alarm. Characteristic recession of about 2 Hz doesn't look threatening, but, probably, it will be noticed by experienced audiophile - the expert of flute or trombone (when the amplifier works in linear mode). Rational system support, by the amplifier, provides a decent sound of almost every musical composition. Speaker's sensitivity up to 1 kHz is good: 89 dB, 84 dB in high part of the range. There are no problems with stereo effects; the system doesn't suffer from excessive direction which is well evident on AFR, measured at 45 and 90 degrees to the acoustic axis of the speaker.

The impedance characteristic gives the phase inverter frequency of 30 Hz. Minimal input impedance is about 4 ohm, rated impedance is close to 8 ohm (the producer gives the meaning of 6 ohm).

Paradigm 7se mk3 Floor standing speakers photo