Denon AVR-3801 AV-receiver

There used to be a lot of four "prologic" channels... Now that the seven-channel 6.1 format has entered the threshold, it may well turn out that tomorrow even more "loaded" formats will start crowding it out. But only those who have prepared for this in advance will be able to work with them. One of these is the Denon AVR-3801. A model with a built-in 7-channel power amplifier and a 7.1-line input is able to resist the coming... Although the Denon AVR-3801 is not THX-certified and does not itself decode 7.1 recording with two rear center speakers (there is no built-in decoder for this format), something else is important: the receiver can receive 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1 signals from an external one on its power amplifier. Moreover, the Denon AVR-3801 has two options for connecting rear speakers: with side speakers and with rear speakers (in this case, the speakers are wider than the two rear center speakers). In this case, all 3 (!) pairs of rear drivers are connected to the terminals at the same time, and either one of the options is selected, or the combined one. In this case, the side and rear speakers are connected in parallel (for the rear center there are separate channels). To listen to music, the company recommends turning on the rear position, while watching movies - side, and in this case, the central rear also works. Here, it turns out, how you can achieve full-fledged 6.1 sound in movies and music. It should be noted that the developers put forward different requirements for rear acoustics in these options. The available DSP processing modes load all channels of the amplifier, providing signature Surround-7.1 sound. Let's add that each of the modes remembers its own parameters for setting timbres. DSP modes are adjustable: you can change the size of the room, the strength of the effect, the level of the subwoofer, enable / disable signal compression, adjust delays. The set of parameters is not the same for different modes.

The remote control is equipped with an LCD display that shows the transmitted command, the connected signal source, etc. To work with devices from other manufacturers, you must either train the remote control or manually enter an identification code into it. However, as the experience of communication has shown, there is a bank of codes inside the remote control .... If the device code is unknown and its remote control is missing, use the code scan function. The process is not fast (the code changes in 3-4 seconds), so it is better to train than to look for a match. Unfortunately, the AVR-3801 does not have an additional AV connectors on the front panel. But is it a problem when you have a truly professional device for building a multi-channel sound field of exceptional accuracy.

Denon AVR-3801 AV-receiver photo