Marantz PM-15S1 Amplifier

This amplifier, being very similar to the top model 11S1, has almost the same characteristics but much lower price. Made in so-called premium design, it looks simply amazing. Aluminum front panel consists of three parts; the middle part is highlighted in blue and machined hollows on the rounded side-frames are reflectors of improvised spotlights. Visual solutions create the impression of absolute symmetry: a window of LCD display with the power on button is located in the center, on the sides - visually counterbalancing rotary switch key of source selection and volume control. Lot's of other control elements show that the developers followed uncompromising approach. You can adjust timbres of low or high frequencies or even disable them, mute the sound by clicking ATT button (on 20 dB, 40 dB or fully), set Phono-input on work with MM or MC cartridge and also disconnect loudspeakers. Display key disables not only LCD display but also backlight. Entering from the rear we will see first-class WBT-terminals for acoustics ("blade", "banana" connectors or naked wire of heavy-gage will suit). In addition to Phono-input there are four linear inputs (two with through path), regulated output Pre Out and input/output of control bus, allowing you to embed the device in multi-channel system or to provide the possibility of connecting two amplifiers by bi-amping scheme (together with located nearby bi-amp/stereo switch key). Amplification path is a three-stage scheme with circuit feedback and the shortest signal paths, being symmetric for both of channels. It was assembled from the components of audiophile quality (in particular, electronic linear volume control Wolfson WM8816 moved from the already mentioned 11S1); output transistors of right and left channels have independent radiators. Toroidal power transformer with low level of vibrations and leakage of magnetic field minimizes internal crosstalk.

The operating side of the remote control is made of aluminum that makes it heavier, but not too heavy to lift. The buttons (rounded and in the form of narrow strips) are located a bit messy, also the remote control is designed for work with CD/DVD-player and so it needs time to be explored.

Extremely comfortable sounding - a solid power reserve is felt. The amplifier dispatched jazz and voice parts easily, only complex symphonic compositions presented difficulty. In other words, if you are not a fan of classics, this charming device will strike a chord with you.

Marantz PM-15S1 Amplifier photo