Davis Acoustics Ariane 3 Floor standing speakers

Davis Ariane 3 - French two-way speaker system reflex. Drivers: Tweeter inch soft dome tweeter and mid-woofer with a diameter of 160 mm with a woven Kevlar cone. Separation of the bands takes place at a frequency of 2.8 kHz. Reflex port is located on the front panel, and the lack of any termination of rounding, just a hole with sharp edges. Switching terminals only one pair, but with gold. Characteristic resistance Input Module has the following parameters: mean value of 10.2 ohms, nominal 4.4 ohms, the standard deviation of +/- 6,7 ohms, maximum (2.4 kHz) 29.6 ohms; bass reflex tuned to a frequency of 45 Hz. A little too big a maximum in the frequency section, but for a normal amplifier with some reserve capacity is not terrible. Nominal electric power is 80 W, the allowable peak value - 160 watts. The sensitivity of our data 87.3 dB (90 dB in the passport). Flexural rigidity of the walls of the shell average volume significantly responds to tapping. Homogeneity speaker satisfactory. One of the attractions of the system is its appearance. Should recognize the desirability acoustic bold design decision: cut tapered edges the front panel. To draw a conclusion about the aesthetic merits of the decision, too, need some courage... but about the quality of natural wood finishes two ways about it. Dimensions Speaker: 230x800x285 mm.

Average uneven frequency response in the range of 100 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 2,8 dB) - the highest among the tested systems. But this should not be cause for grief lovers of French speakers. Ariane 3 sound is well balanced. And it is not contrary to the objective data: the mean response does not change during the transition from the upper midrange frequencies. Development of sound image in the high-voltage occurs without: the system prescribes detailed overtone texture horn, clarinet, bassoon, practically without infringing their true color. Reliably transmitted nuances of strings. However, in the picturesque richness lost clarity facets of sound. At the same time noticeably slight emphasis in the sizzling vocals and metallic overtones on the sound of percussion instruments such as cymbals. These effects are apparently due to a slight decrease in sensitivity to the local segment of 4.5-7 kHz, followed by an extended rise in response. Mid aspect of instrumental music shows quite convincingly, albeit slightly blurred. Local differences in the sensitivity ranges 300 to 600 Hz and 100-200 Hz affect the quality of the display of the classic female vocal that subjectively assessed as a simplification, leading to loss of voice nuances. But the bass is very good even. Resilient, deep, yet mellow, it is easy to compensate for the above-mentioned drawbacks, especially if you are not a fan of classical singing. According to the subjective evaluation of the system has a wide dynamic range, enough to accommodate changes in volume of symphonic scale. Can bad Ariane 3 image space. The image of the scene relief, feels good room.

Price: $1169
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