Davis Acoustics Club 15 Bookshelf speakers

Two-way speaker system with bass reflex output on the front panel. The diameter of the low-frequency driver with a conical diffuser is 190 mm, the soft dome of the tweeter has a diameter of 25 mm. Permissible peak power 150 W, nominal - 100 W. Speakers with dimensions of 280x550x330 mm have a decent look. In a room that is not too loaded with details of the situation, they will look like a very appropriate addition to the interior.

Experts who were quick to discuss were exceptionally unanimous in their praise of the Davis Acoustics Club 15's serious high-frequency capabilities. From the very first chords, grandiose plans and a dizzying prospect of the kingdom of crystal sounds capture. A light sound dissolves clots of shadow, generously polishing the edges of numerous crystals and snowflakes. But the delight of a fresh feeling is gradually replaced by a desire to get into the saving twilight. It seems that the sound is too bright... I want candles and a fireplace. Situation Easily changed with the amp's bass correction knob. At the same time, the atmosphere is saturated with warm tones, the space becomes full, alive. Finally, the system begins to demonstrate its visual power. Instrumental classics sound excellent, and classical vocals. if not impeccable, then at least sufficiently clear and pure. Moreover, there are no problems for the transmission of pop voices. Good dynamic capabilities of the system, small non-linear distortions are felt. Sounds with a rapid increase in amplitude (drums, staccato effects) are not extinguished by overtones. The panorama is good, moderately structured.

Davis Acoustics Club 15 Bookshelf speakers photo