Davis Acoustics Vinci 3D Floor standing speakers

Davis Acoustics Vinci 3D loudspeakers are a low-end version of floor-standing Vinci HD with a slightly simplified design and a more modest finish. They are three-way with a front bass-reflex port. A pair of woofers with 170-mm molded cellulose diffusers is used to reproduce low frequencies. To reduce distortion, drivers are equipped with an original elastic suspension and powerful magnetic systems. The most important for our hearing mid-frequency range is given to the proprietary KLV5 driver with a woven Kevlar diffuser. Due to the special technology of production, the developers managed to almost completely get rid of the characteristic resonances inherent in this fiber and to minimize the distortion at the signal peaks. Starting from 4000 Hz, a 25-mm fabric dome tweeter comes into play, which, according to Davis engineers, contributes to enhancing the natural sound.

The nature of loudspeakers' reproduction is primarily distinguished by enviable dynamics and a wide frequency range. The overall tonal balance is shifted somewhat into the high-frequency area, giving the sound some splendor. Meanwhile, commendable melodiousness reigns in the middle, but with some distinct sizzling in the vocals. We were pleasantly surprised by the tweeter's quality. The roughness in the transfer of the top is minimal: the copper naturally pours, the individual trebles are clean and precisely focused. We estimate the bass range as rather deep in level and distinct in structure, with a small degree of monotony. The scene is built just greatly. The space is clearly formed and verified in scale, the position of the instruments is absolutely not broken.

Davis Acoustics Vinci 3D Floor standing speakers photo