Onkyo TX-SR700E AV-receiver

'Functional' is the best word to characterize the front panel of Onkyo TX-SR700E receiver. All the basic functions are accessible from it and, nevertheless, thanks to the rational arrangement of the controls, it does not seem to be overloaded. AV input on it contains an optical digital signal connector, which facilitates the connection of the latest game console. From "multiroom" options there is the ability to sound an additional pair of loudspeakers, to provide audio to an additional amplifier, and to connect an external IR receiver, which allows you to install the Onkyo TX-SR700E receiver in a closed rack or control it from another room. The initial setting can be carried out both through the screen menu system and being guided by the display on the front panel - it is not necessary to connect the receiver to the TV. Alas, the volume and delay are adjusted for both front (or rear) loudspeakers at once; the delay variation step (30 cm) is also large. As for the rest, the design is well thought out. The digital input can be "tied" to any audio or AV input; there is a Phono input for connecting a vinyl player.

The remote control with a double notch on the underside does not slip out from the hand. There are many buttons, but they are clearly divided into working areas. The console is able to control seven components from any manufacturer. You can configure it in two ways: by entering the device code or by direct training. In conclusion, the receiver's sound quality is worth noting. It is beautiful, and only the high price does not allow unconditionally recommend it to fans of a home theater.

Onkyo TX-SR700E AV-receiver photo