Onkyo TX-DS494 AV-receiver

Onkyo was one of the first who released the receiver with Dolby Pro Logic II decoder's mode and received EISA award. It is noteworthy that TX-DS494 is the youngest model in the line of Onkyo AV receivers. Thus, the company gives the possibility to experience the benefits of new technology to the buyer of any of his receiver.

As TX-DS494 is the youngest model, the settings are maximally simplified. Initial setting of the speaker systems comes down to the definition of the used configuration. Selection of system's size, which is physically connected with its limitations in playing of low frequencies, is implemented through subwoofer's mode. Its MODE1 is intended for small frontal system with limited bass and MODE2 is for broadband systems. However, sub can be switched off. Signal level can be set for each channel, but delay is not available. So you will have to sink into average sound space, carefully prepared by the developers. A necessary condition for getting complete satisfaction is accurate and in full compliance with instruction placement of the system in a room.

Decrease of dynamics for night run (the mode is called LATE NIGHT) is implemented in TX-DS494 at activating of corresponding mode, but the degree of decrease is determined by the program, recorded on the disc with Dolby Digital. So, for some DVD the effect is strong and for some - weak.

There are three DSP modes for two-channel sources. For classical and opera music we recommend ORCHESTRA mode, in which the central channel is disabled and rear ones are intensified to increase stereo image. Playback of instrumental music, vocal and jazz is most spectacular in UNPLAGGED spatial mode. The developers here put a special accent on front stereo image, simulating audio atmosphere directly in front of the stage. ALL CHANNEL MODE is recommended for background music.

Timbre control is made in traditions of early theatre receivers. Firstly, it is mechanic, as ordinary potentiometers are used, and, secondly, it is possible only for front stereo pair of channels. Another symbol of loyalty to traditions is the presence of corrector input for MM head of pick-up.

The remote control allows you at combining Onkyo blocks with RI bus to also control CD and DVD player and a cassette tape recorder.

Onkyo TX-DS494 AV-receiver photo