AAD C-500 Floor standing speakers

C-series, produced American Acoustic Development, includes seven classic speakers - from polochnikov to giant floor towers - and six purely theatrical models. In the line of C500 - the smaller of the floor systems. Gracefully looks slim speakers are on the stylish support; favorably shades her strict black faceplate silver protective metal mesh tweeter. 18 kg of body 18 mm MDF board has an extraordinary rigidity. All heads are magnetically shielded; Universal contact group allows all methods of switching. Reflex ports are located close to the floor - to improve the efficiency of LF-radiation; both ports are acoustically damped polymer insert.

Proved difficult to immediately explain the listening experience measurements ... Apparently, the secret appeal of sonic portrait of the system is in the exact sense of proportion, which allowed developers to pass on the "razor's edge" in search of a compromise, inevitable in solving the problem to get "delicious" while "healthy "sound, and - for a modest fee." Reputedly engaged in listening to experts, in the face of C500, we are dealing with a system that produces the most intense sound in the test, and listen to it can be a long and happy ... Impressions "palatability" elevated "calorie" - slightly emphasized bass and high - miraculously get along with a sense of good tonal balance. Space-deep bass combines pleasant softness with good study of a variety of amplitude of sound events. Raised "crisp" high not depressing obsession sharpness; upstairs and clean air. Musical pauses perceived it as a pause rather than a dip in a cotton emptiness - microdrivers system is not dropped to honor and much more expensive speakers. But when it is required to appear. due temperament and power. Note the special intonation expressive vocals. But perhaps the most striking advantage of the system is its rich scenic image - rather, "chamber", but with a good readable counterpoint. About many govbrit ability C500 "highlight" acoustic features good records - very effectively organized a concert space saved "portrait" features specific rooms. Great headroom; easily forgiven inevitable reduction in the transparency of the bass at maximum volume.

One gets the impression that the system is able to cater to a wide range of music lovers with a variety of flavors - think "happy" she plays any classical, jazz, ethnic music. Is that too much "combat" modern styles require a little more low-frequency "drive". Compact speakers are perfect for small and medium-sized rooms, acoustic properties are not of critical importance.

AAD C-500 Floor standing speakers photo