Heco Argon 30 Bookshelf speakers

The most important advantage of the Argon 30 is the excellent quality of the representation of the mid-low frequency region of the spectrum. Bass is like a medium sized floor standing speaker. The dynamics of both low and medium frequencies is one of the most luxurious in the test. The speaker system operates completely freely in close-ups, without erasing small details. The "unlubricated" trembling of the drum membrane, the clearly readable polyphony of the ensemble of double basses... Excellent. The space of the stage is multifaceted, perceptibly three-dimensional. Perhaps only in heavily saturated sound (vocal-symphonic works, for example) does the upper part of the image seem a little cloudy. The situation improves somewhat if you turn up the volume. Fortunately, the power reserve of the system is sufficient.

The Argon 30 speaker system skillfully unfolds complex musical canvases, confidently plays even symphonic classics; effectively delivers rock, picturesquely - jazz.

Heco Argon 30 Bookshelf speakers photo