Yamaha RX-V620 AV-receiver

The firm has a long tradition in the creation of sound fields in multi-household systems: a decade of its first DSP-processor firm noted a few years ago. In the RX-V620 for digital sources (Dolby Digital and DTS) are offered not only precision machining 32-bit processor, but a proprietary additive in the form CINEMA DSR Most likely, in the near future, we will not find AV-receiver Yamaha with THX certification, since the processing modes CINEMA solved the same problem - getting home sound as close as possible to the sound in the cinema. Just in this case, the result is achieved by using proprietary funds, which, incidentally, do not have to pay royalties to Uncle Lucas.

Live sound field in the room is characterized by a set of parameters: early reflections, reverberation time, the ratio between the direct and reflected sound. The receiver may be adjusted over a dozen parameters (various delays, room size, vitality and several others) that allow you to simulate the acoustic environment of a real and well-known premises. But of course, not all controls are available at the same time in each of the DSP-modes.

Tone control is only available for the front channels. Accustomed to actively use this control to conventional two-channel analog sources (and the receiver is and input for MM-head) can enjoy it to the fullest. But for multi-mode, at this level, and as a digital processing, it is even harmful. Note that a special headphone surround mode SILENT CINEMA. Receiving portion can store up to 40 stations and then, if necessary, sort them into groups.

Receiver apart from the competition as the winner of two unique features. Firstly, at the RX-V620 is the on-screen menu, which greatly simplifies the process of setting up, bringing it to visually manage DVD-player. That is, the user is always in uniform information environment. Secondly, the unit is aimed at the future, as equipped with component video inputs that meet the requirements of high-definition television signals. However, for it to be paid, and that resulted in the greatest amount. Remote control due to the presence in his mind of universal codes allows you to manage differently-branded blocks of the complex from the TV and the satellite receiver to any player and recorder. However, the transition from unit to unit with the rotary switch is not very convenient.

Yamaha RX-V620 AV-receiver photo