Floor standing speakers Audio Physic Tempo 25

Will listen to our previous models Audio Physic - cheap floor Spark and shelving Step - were similar to the current Midwoofer and midrange, but were silk dome tweeters. Now all three speakers - aluminum coated, and dome tweeter is not, and is also tapered, but more about that a little further. Traditionally, the crossover frequency in the specification are not given, though, as they say in the jubilee newsletter, they are in the model exhibited at 150 and 2,800 Hz, and the crossover to the upper band - 3rd order. MF and HF bands served cone speakers HHCT II (Hyper-Holographic Cone Tweeter) and HHCM. Index II in the name of the tweeter points to the second generation, with a new basket - double with plastic insert, like the midrange HHCM (see. Below). With regard to the use of cone HF instead of the usual dome, the Audio Physic believe that after there were material with controlled rigidity, cone, widespread in vintage audio and subsequently extruded domes should be returned back, because it provides a more accurate, holographic and surround playback and at the same time deprived of the characteristic ringing and "lisp" domes. These speakers are manufactured by Wavecor (founded by one of the main developers of the former Vifa) specification Audio Physic. Midrange HHCM (Hyper-Holographic Cone Midrange) made traditionally for Audio Physic - double basket (cast aluminum chassis and heat sinks embedded into a plastic basket to increase internal damping). Speaker controlled double neodymium system 3 cm coil wound on the frame of the glass. Aluminum terminal block contains only one pair of terminals (WBT NextGen). Deep and unusually large for such a compact enclosure port is arranged at the axis of the woofer.

In handwriting anniversary Tempo can be traced as a generic resemblance to the previously tested models, as well as a number of differences. First of all, preserved the magic holographic scene, deep decaying plans (they are built not only in depth, but also in height, which occurs very rarely) and the highest intelligibility as vocal and instrumental. Articulation - general corporate fad Audio Physic, in which she almost has no equal (at least in this and the lower price segment, without getting too high on the long stairs High End). Of the new features we unexpectedly solid bass output from the low-frequency side radiators. In some complex records (orchestral cello, organ) this bass seems a little sticky, though here it is necessary to experiment with the placement (due to the lateral location of the woofer installation is not such a simple task). Voices of Baroque records delicate and airy, they breathe, they were dismayed and wove into frilly long melodic lines - just beautiful, very elegant and sophisticated. Rich academic music and recording sound a little harsh genres problem both in terms of the purity of the passage of the dynamic peaks, and in the fullness of volume and timbre. But almost materialize vocalists - downright seen how they stack up to his lips singing of phrases.

Audio Physic Tempo 25 Floor standing speakers photo