Audio Physic Classic 20 Floor standing speakers

Elegant compact speaker system has a number of unusual features in design and finish. A large, soft tweeter's dome of 3 cm on the diameter on the suspension of the same fabric can be considered to be classical. A massive metallic flange on the outside is covered with the figured header, cut in the form of a star. The choice of mid-frequency emitter is quite expected for Audio Physic - an aluminum body on soft rubber suspension with an original metallic cap, stiffly fixed on the core of the magnetic system.

The sound of Audio Physic Classic 20 seemed to be clear, sonorous and quite open at the top and in the middle. Good, balanced, confident presentation and pure, strong voice without defects (only lower bass sometimes seemed to be too soft) immediately attracted attention. The speaker system performed classic music quite adequately and musically. Microdynamics deserves a certain praise - the traditional feature of Audio Physic and perfect diction of the signers. Speaking about adrenaline genres, Classic 20 play such recordings with good pressure, but without uncomfortable inclemency with very nice guitars and various bass.

Audio Physic Classic 20 Floor standing speakers photo