Floor standing speakers Audio Physic Spark

Thin lean back "Pisan towers" are gently curved in cross-section housing approximately equal depth and width. Inch soft dome with special impregnation provides high-frequency reproduction. Two identical midrange/woofer with 95 mm cone of paper coated with a protective cap provided with a concave shape - this know-how of the company - a double chassis: cast aluminum baskets and plastic external internal. Drivers called HHCM (Hyper-Holographic Cone Midrange), controlled by neodymium magnets and work in the 2.5-way scheme. Small oval black grills cover only the upper part of the front panel with the speakers. Excellent quality dark maple veneer, kept alive the wood texture, extremely adorns the face of acoustics. Large round neck reflex port looks back, and under it is a solid steel plate terminal with one pair of terminals WBT, with rhodium plating. Cross-end stand sharp steel spikes, which are regulated at the top and covered with round plastic covers.

Placed directly, without turning on the listener, speaker showed a very smooth and accurate sound that always wanted to be described by the words "perfectly appropriate and proportionate". Permanent rival PMC speakers (they are almost the entire test were almost the same level, overtaking each other half a length in terms of subtle effects), this model is clearly beating the British at micro-rhythm nuances and surprisingly crisp, almost graphic is drawn in ink, melodic lines, although a bit lagging on the fine structure and fullness of timbre of the instrument. Sound different handwriting flawlessly integrate your own tones and noises accompanying picking, so that neither the first nor the second never separated and does not dominate. In addition to the outstanding rhythm, speakers peculiar possession of any great musical material. Baroque tracery and sounded fine, it seemed perfectly laid by the smallest shares and rhythmic figures that are seen as under a microscope. The same applies to the large orchestral form, and the chorus (diction singers and vocalists was just a reference, though dictation write). The only minor niggle as for some looseness Voices strings, and they have a little head did not stop. Dramatic shot of a large orchestral drum, with all the rise and decay, was also presented to rhythmically perfect and very detailed, just wanted to timbre tightly.

All non-academic genres, including very extreme variants, speaker showed a very free, hassle-free and energetic sound with a fair amount of room (in a good way, without impressively, overheated voices or mitigation). On the rhythm and keeping it to say too - this is a proprietary chip brand, in which he has little competition.

Audio Physic Spark Floor standing speakers photo