CD-player Simaudio Moon 750D

Since the company Simaudio focuses on the 32-bit processing with AC frequency conversion, it is appropriate to spend a couple of paragraphs to the description of the item. Used in all three players (masthead diblock Andromeda, middle 750D and junior 650D) chip DAC ESS Sabre32 ES9018S is a 32-bit version of the original chip Sabre, provided by ESS Technology four years ago. Sabre32 Reference DAC provides a dynamic range of 135 dB THD own level no higher than 0.0001% (equivalent to -120 dB). DAC supports two and eight implementation and capable of operating with an input signal with an initial sampling frequency to 500 kHz. Chip ES9018S (eight-channel version) used, one for each channel of the player actually has eight DAC differential mode under the scheme, which the company calls the 32-bit Hyperstream. Temporal accuracy of the DAC provides a proprietary Simaudio - high-precision clock generator Alpha Clock, retaining the internal jitter of 10 ps. RMS. Another important structural element, in fact, gives the definition of "asynchronous" DAC Simaudio, - digital signal processing incoming data with asynchronous sample rate conversion to minimize jitter M-AJiC32 (Moon Asynchronous Jitter Control in 32-bit mode).

Canadian firm Simaudio claims its priority on the part of "the world's first DAC with 32-bit converter and asynchronous sample rate conversion". Own 32-bit DAC chips are not that unique and common in the construction of one of the devices in a wide range of prices, from a half to fifteen thousand dollars. Suppose, ESS SABRE32 ES9018S, in addition to the ruler Moon Evolution, also used in the Media Player OPPO BDP-95. There are also very low cost examples - like a mini-DAC with headphone output type Calyx DAC 24/192 If accented on the correct data transfer via USB, and then there is the other 32-bit DAC; in particular, just remember offhand North Star Design USB dac32 chip Texas Instruments PCM1795 with parameters 32 bit/192 kHz. It is, among other things, is able to receive 32-bit data stream via USB, while embodiments Simaudio even in the fresh embodiment are only 24 bits. Both devices and dac32, and Simaudio Moon 750D, came on the market almost simultaneously - in the first half of 2010. A third example of 32-bit chips - chips Asahi Kasei, such as AK4399, again present in the "pure" stereo products like PureAudio Lotus USB DAC1 and Blu-ray-universals, such as Denon DVD-A1UD. So, as you can see, a variety of solutions with 32-bit DAC is quite large, though not all of them work with AC frequency conversion. But let producers prioritize and figure out what the jitter suppressing circuit and DAC architecture is optimal, and return to our player Simaudio Moon 750D.

The device is made by a fully balanced circuit configuration "dual mono". With the implementation of supply for key chips Simaudio goes on own well-trodden path by using your sources to the bus stabilized power supply, each - through an individual filter inductance (unfortunately, in the last survey on the model 650D, we incorrectly described the organization of power supplies, for which bring We apologize). This principle refers to the firm i2DCf - separate filtration DC circuits. At the top-end player Duoblock Andromeda has 56 such individual circuits to their model 750D 24, while the 650D - 18. Other elements - two toroidal transformers, separately for the digital and analog parts, four-layer printed circuit boards, analog output filter of the second order and so on. - look identical for both players. Although it is possible that a company puts something in the description. Transport mechanism - own Simaudio, all on the same four-point floating suspension with gel filler. External equipment also coincides with the fact that a 650D (or, given the history of vehicles, the last one was made in the wake of 750D without loss of functionality), - four digital inputs, including USB to asynchronous mode and two digital outputs, balanced and unbalanced S/PDIF. Housing is still the same brutal sophisticated, all-aluminum and very heavy as aluminum remote control. In a large eight-LCD juicy red traditional Simaudio, displays the timing and other useful information. It is interesting that this player is available on request and another version - with a blue screen and other body color, but it will cost as much as 30 000. more expensive.

Included as it is, directly to the network, Simaudio Moon 750D demonstrated very similar to the sound of a younger model: neat, slightly rolled at the very top of the HF, artistically slightly blurred contours sounds, soft, not exaggerated resolution with excellent plans and carefully prescribed instrumental lines. Judging from the correspondence over both devices, Moon 750D has a slightly greater detail and clarity, including the bass and dense in the middle of the orchestral recordings. Dynamic as peaks in the most ambitious canvases are still characterized by some imperfection playback. The most interesting and informative in this test came when we hooked up (or on your favorite slang for audiophiles, "powered the") 750 minutes through the surge of high-level IsoTek Super Titan, at a cost approaching the price of the player. Then there was a surprise. Instead of the "pearl" of romantic manners drew a different picture. Appeared sharpness supply those instruments in which it is claimed (we think that is correct - a good replacement for "elegiac"). By increasing the power and attacks have become much better vary close in tone instruments, violins considerably came true texture, roughness and emotional pressure. Completely gone blur pedal body and low Bass, smoothed light blemishes (bouncing) temporitme in small rhythmic structures and fast fragments. Music literally shook off the "spell of the Moon", came to life, breathed and throbbed. Pleased with the sharp and cold, prickly percussion gleamed in those tracks where it is spelled out that way. With line filter to get a great group of brass, a little dark, but very dense and rich, body-metal. The degree of influence on the sound of our connection IsoTek Super Titan far surpassed shift network, interconnects and speaker cables, and changes were always with a plus sign. The only thing that remained, and with a surge protector - help liking Moon 750D to hard music genres: rock, metal, alternative. All the same basic character can significantly neutralize, but can not be removed completely. Nor should probably - sound corporate vision should be respected. In conclusion, it should be noted that the price of this player seems a tall against such a very good option, as Simaudio Moon 650D. Or, if you like, here we are dealing with a case where a younger version made very high quality and not much inferior to the older-sounding, but the functionality is identical to the simple.

Simaudio Moon 750D CD-player photo