CD-player Simaudio MOON 650D

Moon 650D - youngest player in the line Evolution Series and is third after the reference diblock Andromeda and single block MOON 750D. Unlike the latter, at a price slightly less than two times, he shares with his older brother a number of common features. First of all, it reduces the jitter method of data processing DSP M-AJiC32 (MOON Asynchronous Jitter Control in 32-bit mode), carried out in a fully balanced differential mode after asynchronous data conversion in 32-bit format with the DAC digital filter implemented on chips ESS Technology SABRE32 (ES9016). The new models this converter replaced Burr-Brown PCM1704, a long time former business card players Simaudio. The device uses a sophisticated filtration scheme without voltage capacitors, an analog filter 2nd order (12 dB per octave). Four-circuit boards with copper traces located on the ultra-rigid chassis. Digital and analog circuits have independent power, made on separate toroidal transformers: power 25 V*A digital part, supported by tanks in the filter supply to 17 600 uF and 10 V*A for the analog part, with capacities to 8800 uF.

The player is set transport mechanism of its own design, isolated from the body of the traditional brand Four suspension. Transport quickly recognize disks and almost instantly Leafs tracks.

On the rear panel there is a rich set of digital inputs (device is positioned primarily as a DAC) and outputs. Input - balanced AES, unbalanced S/PDIF on RCA, optical TosLink and fully in the spirit of spirit of the times, a computer input port USB type B. In the near future will be available to pay for the upgrade interface USB, with which players MOON 650D and 750D will process the digital stream obtained via USB, with the parameters up to 24 bit/192 kHz. Digital outputs - also AES and S/PDIF. In addition, there is a bus RS-232 and SimLink branded devices to connect the same line, as well as two entrances on, four-XLR connector for external power supply (optional upgrade previously announced Simaudio for their players). Analog outputs are represented by RCA stereo pairs and XLR. All socket connectors and gold-plated large, spacious placed on the metal mounting plate.

MOON 650D has an unusual and stylish appearance. He made a very brutal, if you focus on the thickness of the metal walls and panels, but excellent design looks extremely attractive. Slightly rough surface of the black all-aluminum body obtained grout and subsequent painting. Powerful long radiator fins on the sides would come up rather strongly heating amplifier, and not the player. Top cover - shaped, with a thickening of the edges to the center, a maximum thickness of about a centimeter, with a large silver logo Moon on white aluminum square. The front panel of complex shape with bends on edges made of perfectly polished silver aluminum with thickness up to 15 mm. Body sides converge on four legs in the form of triangular bars with rounded soft edges, all of the same white metal. They end cones with height-adjustable glides to the maximum level and not injuring the player is installed on any surface. In the center of the facade is an LCD display with large red characters, perfectly visible from afar. Two groups of small but convenient control buttons on the sides of the well are activated by light pressure. They also duplicated on the aluminum bar remote control, with the addition of the calendar direct access to the tracks. The player looks at the same time reliable and elegant and worthy of the highest points for the design and quality of manufacture. In addition, appeals to reasonableness of different small parts, which provides not only the manufacturer, but really comfortable using the machine.

In keeping with the lyrical expectations from the word "Moon" MOON 650D has a very nice and very little wistfully, thin and "smoky" in elegant baroque tracks with watercolor traced instrumental lines. Harpsichord quite droplet and very artistically dimmed by the attack, as well as all the tools, but is positioned perfectly in the space. Plans in all records, including the most large-spanned, spelled perfectly, although, again, a bit soft. Baroque basso continuo, formed by low strings, too, is vanishingly small, but blurred, as the pedal body and counter-octave piano, just in the general style. All done before musically and elegiac, that is absolutely impossible to find fault - the device enchants with its filing, "smoky lilac" and remarkably harmonious. Fast tracks like subjectively seems to be played quieter than usual, dynamic accents and overtones noise is also very neat and faintly muffled, sounding not a single gram of field, but not an ounce of lethargy. Delicate detail, to the last note, at a very high level. With a total lightweight mitigating accents sound is not muffled and cotton - on the contrary, it is swift and very elegant, with tiny rhythmic and tonal nuances, tones themselves are not overheated and not shine through, perfectly balanced in texture and size. Unless brass obtained less sharply shining as little trilby, fluffy, trumpet does not play a bright copper, but rather soft and heartfelt singing. Character player discharged very clearly and completely solid and confirmed on all tracks to the last detail. Some problems are outlined in the powerful dynamic peaks when a fused sound suddenly becomes a little "leaky" and sits on the speaker. Promised in the future Simaudio external power supply option seems very reasonable upgrade, because the situation must be corrected in just a couple of places and quite a bit - and will be just ideal.

Simaudio MOON 650D CD-player photo