Marantz PM4400 Amplifier

If does not consider the model PM4200 out of production, today PM4400 is considered to be the most available amplifier in Marantz line. As any other amplifier of this brand, it is powerful and functionally informative. Even the front panel is made of metal. But, is it really?

Let's start our investigation from the panel. In actual fact, it is plastic and one can wonder the quality of imitation. Surely, the chassis, back and upper cover of PM4400 are produced from steel sheet that is why the frame of the amplifier is quite solid. Only its small weight or more exactly a compact power box, assembled on light transformer with EI-core, which is visible through ventilation hole of cover confuse us.

But the set of functional possibilities for cheap model is just exhaustive. PM4400 is completed by full value remote controller by whole system of audio components of Marantz. The grip on the right on the front panel is connected with motorized volume control. There is such a grip on the left, that is commutator of three line sources, vinyl record player (phone corrector is built up) and two recorders. It is also provided the separate recording selector, simple button switch of loudspeakers and output on stereo phones. The indication of chosen source is conducted with the help of light emitting diodes in the centre of the panel. The low cost of this amplifier is shown due too one detail - simple and not too reliable clamps for connection the acoustics. Also, there are not outputs with preliminary section of amplifier.

Finally, we move to the passport characteristics. The power output, as we suspected, is not high. But the good amplifier is measured not only by watt. Find one more device like PM4400 for such money, which will have the symmetric internal architecture with smooth interconnection of signal on print boards in the left and right channel!

Listen. This amplifier wins the affection not by the dynamics or drive, but by purity of the sound and extremely smooth tone balance. It is difficult to find in sounding even small hints on color or distortion. The encouragements of PM4400 also deserve the large-scale and stable sound scene. So the first impressions from the most available integral amplifier Marantz is positive.

However, it was not without defects. Modest dynamic properties and low output power have left their mark on the quality of the bass sounding. The latter has just a little lack of impact in the most brisk band - drums from small to big in the sound picture do not seem real. At the bottom of the bass energy, oddly enough, more, but its control is weakened, that is why humming overtones can happen. However, problems with the bass for low-cost amplifiers are typical. Besides, in PM4400 they are expressed in the extent to which it is hard to see - you will never know with what acoustics this device will be demonstrated at the store?

But there are also more visible faults. Sounding slightly lacks naturalness and realistic. All sources of the sound in the scene is reproduced, but not recreated, they slightly lack physicality and the whole track lacks enthusiasm. In other amplifiers the same effect is seen as a mechanistic or even banal shortage of fine details. PM4400 normally produce quiet sounds. And there is no mechanistic. So, it is better connect such a device not to large floor loudspeakers, but to the shelf screen, which much better reveal its musicality.

Marantz PM4400 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 35 Watts into 8 ohms