Epos M22i Floor standing speakers

The Epos M22i speakers are quite tiny, but in this case, small size does not mean small sound. The same mid- and low-frequency drivers with polypropylene cones and molded chassis are capable of withstanding significant long-term loads, and paired with these speakers, the company recommends using a fairly powerful amplifier, up to 300 watts at nominal. High-frequency reproduction is provided by an aluminum dome tweeter and ferromagnetic coolant. Band stitching is carried out in the traditional for Epos and extremely minimalist way: the working band of the midrange is cut off mechanically, a first-order filter is placed on the low pass, as on the high pass, where a single polypropylene capacitor works. The large bass reflex port is located at the back, above the terminal block on a steel plate with three pairs of excellent quality terminals. The cases are made of MDF 18 mm thick (the front panel is 25 mm), have internal ties and are finished with Red Cherry natural wood veneer.

From the very first minutes, the amazing integrity and naturalness of sound surprise and captivate - qualities that are usually characteristic of acoustic systems of a completely different price range. There is no deliberateness, demonstrativeness or festivity in the handwriting of the Epos M22i. The timbres are very natural, although sometimes they seem a little soft or, rather, delicately shaded. However, brass voices, for example, are clear and crisp, well defined and highly textured. Upon closer examination, it turns out that there is plenty of detail in the sound of the speakers and absolutely all the characteristic noises and subtle nuances are heard, it's just done harmoniously and unobtrusively, without protruding individual components, whether it's an attack or an overtone.

Symphonic music is performed exactly in character, a little thoughtfully and lyrically, with good volume and depth of the stage. This pair has a subtle and precise touch, providing a perfectly clear alignment of orchestral logic in complex works. The overload capacity of the acoustic systems delights (however, declared by the manufacturer), dynamic peaks are worked out crystal clear and easily. Fundamental clear bass, traced in detail. A distinct pulse beats throughout the development to the tutti, the Epos M22i plays so well that it grabs attention and does not allow you to be distracted from the music. The voices of the vocalists and the parts of the instrumental soloists captivate with individuality and detail. The Lübeck organ begins to breathe and fills everything around with sound, and an excellent cloud of overtones envelops the midrange - a flawless and best performance in the test. It is also surprising that these thin intelligent speakers are not at all alien to rough genres - even the fastest guitar passages and chirping double bass drums are presented with an iron inexorable rhythm and completely in character. Only sometimes you want to add a little bit of rigidity.

Epos M22i Floor standing speakers photo