Epos Elan 30 Floor standing speakers

Epos Elan 30 speaker systems are made in conservative style with minimum external decorations. 18-mm MDF plates were used for the manufacture of bodies, the thickness of front panel at the same time was increased due to a strong strap. The tweeter is equipped with van inch dome made of impregnated fabric, which is placed in a small horn. Also a high-temperature sound coil with liquid cooling and powerful neodymium magnetic system are used in the construction. Midbass drivers are with 156-mm diffusers made of polypropylene and suspensions with increased speed. To reduce distortions the low-frequency heads are equipped with cast aluminum baskets and vented sound coils.

The sound of Epos Elan 30 is maximally clear and elaborated throughout the playing range. Tonal severity and naturalness of transfer are inherent to the middle, but sometimes MIDs are boomy. The upper case is rich with shades and differs by high sound resolution. Extreme top seems to be slightly pitched. Bass is solid and deep, with accurate relief and natural attack. The highest density of sound stage is in its center; the accuracy of images' depiction falls at flanges.

Epos Elan 30 Floor standing speakers photo