Epos Epic 5 Floor standing speakers

Epos Epic 5 speaker systems are made in classical style but at the same time not devoid of external elegance. Structurally the model is made by 2.5 scheme with the use of two 179-mm drivers in bass sector. Their diffusers with bullet caps are made of polypropylene, which is widely used in the acoustic industry. The drivers are equipped with 25-mm high-temperature sound coil and motor system of the increased power. The rear bass-reflex expands the playback band down to great 45 Hz. Among the features of a 1-inch tweeter with a soft dome we will mark a ferromagnetic cooling of sound coil, neodymium magnetic system and the extended up to 25 kHz frequency range.

Epos Epic 5 have a slightly lightened tonal balance, making the contrast of certain instruments quite pointed. The middle is drawn out clearly, but sometimes is perceived to be too lightweight. Vocal is open and free, but sibilants are accented in places, which are especially noticeable in the female parts. The upper register is extremely detailed and a bit prevails in overall sound field, attracting sometimes more attention than usually. We will attribute confident dynamical possibilities and the lack of audible side-tone to additional features of these speaker systems. Loudspeakers clearly elaborate the lower range, giving a legible fast bas. The sound scene is precisely defined geometrically, with the front flank, a bit pulled to a listener.

Epos Epic 5 Floor standing speakers photo