CD-player Vincent CD-S8

When dealing with devices Vincent, some of the things you expect in advance, as the designers of a certain predictability different solutions. For example, all models of sources and Vincent TAC transports are Philips VAM, in this case VAM1250 (instead of the previous 1202). Similarly, developers love Converters Burr-Brown and retain some old-fashioned attachment to support HDCD - format, fashionable in the 1990s, but almost died off now. Players equipped with a variety of previous chip Burr-Brown PCM1732, use the data to 24-bit/96 kHz, and Vincent CD-S8 is set more advanced Burr-Brown PCM1792. The design utilized capacitors WIMA and Solen, Dale resistors and active reinforcements - Operational Amplifiers Texas Instruments OPA2604 and OPA2134. Tube output stage is made for two miniature double triodes 6922 EH Russian production. Before them in the scheme there is another dual triode - 12AX7.

Design component is typical of Vincent, in his typical company colors - coolish silver casing and display pale green chilly same text, plus a traditional corporate control in the form of a long silver aluminum bar, studded buttons, buttons. They are on the shiny surface of the dense rows, and the inscriptions are not too large, but the hot control keys are comfortable enough. The case is made of thin metal sheet is littered with lots of ventilation slots on the top and back walls. Left through these slots can see two large power transformers (separately for the analog and digital parts). Appearance and layout of the front panel elements on it cause quite certain associations with the famous British brand dCS, namely with its ruler Puccini. Although the quality of workmanship in this case, let's say, adequately priced (by the way, at a cost of device differs from Puccini at least five times). Can be found behind the current standard for the test pair of analog outputs - balanced and unbalanced. Output level slightly above stated standard - 2.5 V. The terminals and connectors rather decent, though not excessive fanaticism.

Another constant feature of all components without exception Vincent - not a tube sound in a traditional tube and hybrid designs and understanding rather thin voices moderately cold "sound of temperature". Lovers of warm flesh sound better to turn to a different address. But here you can count on a clear positioning, confidently displayed instrumental lines and their separation, as well as smooth and easy temporitme without looseness, sags and surges. Another proprietary feature - love to the high register, attentive and close-seed batches from different angles high tools - triangles, harpsichord, xylophone, and various percussion. Against the background of moderate tonal fullness in the midrange is removing the upper register on the level of visibility looks like underline, though, of course, all the tone exactly. The general character of the sound Vincent CD-S8 can be described as fairly neutral, with a slight tilt towards cold tones, without the emphasis on the noise component tones and a bit lightweight, though transparent.

Vincent CD-S8 CD-player photo