CD-player Norma Audio Revo CDP-1R

Norma Audio Revo CDP-1R (the last letter in the name means Reference) - equipped with a classic combination of two 24-bit multibit DAC Burr-Brown PCM 1704 and DF1706 digital filter with 8-times oversampling. Here there is also a user to select the slope of the digital filter (implemented using the internal DIP switch on board DAC with regimes Sharp/Slow; default toggle switch is set to "Sharp"). In the model used by the author's conversion architecture current/voltage discrete components, analog section is also performed on the discrete low-noise operational amplifiers. For digital and analog parts are separate winding toroidal transformer for different parts of the circuit there are thirteen controls the supply voltage.

Body of 3 mm aluminum sheet with smooth contours painted black. On the all-aluminum front panel is a monochrome screen with huge red numerals and symbols, perfectly readable even from a distance. Remote control plastic, but comfortable, versatile and ergonomic. The rear wall only minimalist and leader in the test for the missing connection options - there are only analog stereo pair balanced and unbalanced outputs and no digital interfaces. But the connectors themselves are very decent quality, with absolutely no petty savings. Output level even in single-ended output is significantly higher standard - 3 V RMS signal at 0 dBFS, and typically doubles on balanced HLR.

According to the results of two years ago listening to the player remembered adequate temporitme cheerful, good attack and collecting lowercase clear distinct middle and bright raised voices. At the same time, we noted some static and sloppy working off the edges of the dynamic range. However, then we had another test speakers - Sonus Faber Cremona M, is now giving way to a more neutral level and a pair of PMC OB1i (in my opinion, much superior to the first frequency and timbre resolution). Accordingly, previous experience was to be expected that Norma Audio Revo CDP-1R will be a direct competitor transistor vacuum tube Ayon Audio CD-1sc, a player with a similar sound concept. Also quite curious to compare it with the Primare CD32, which is made on the same DAC and digital filter. About the last we can confidently say that it has little to do with the model in question, and it confirms once again is not absolute, but rather, the relativity of the decisive contribution of the used chip analog conversion in the case of ignoring their harnesses. As for the representative Ayon, it should be noted that everything is relative. Two years ago, voices player Norma Audio, maintained the character of the speaker Sonus Faber, seemed to us an enchanting celebration of life. But in contrast to the irrepressibly sunny, open-air and saturated sound Ayon Audio CD-1sc, this option is not that faded and faded, but clearly was perceived sober (also take into account the contribution of acoustic PMC OB1i). Here, too, is remarkable, full-bodied tones (second place in the test of tonal richness), but the service is much more calm and measured, sometimes with a tendency towards the award and before the static (which, apparently, can already be considered a property inherent to the player without a nod to the speakers). Dimensions of the normal tools, proportionate and commensurate to sound less glitz and overlapping emotions.

Norma Audio Revo CDP-1R CD-player photo