Denon AVR-1612 AV-receiver

Denon AVR-1612 receiver is equipped with a five-channel amplifier section, however, to create the 7.1 system, a preliminary output is provided for two more channels (surround back). The output power (5 x 120 W) is quite enough to work with loudspeakers of any size, but with a resistance of at least 6 ohms. The switching is sufficient: four HDMI ports, a set of analog and digital audio and video inputs, and a front USB connector for listening to files from external media or iPod. To simplify the initial setup, AVR-1612 uses the modern Audyssey MultiEQ algorithm (Dynamic EQ/Volume) with advanced low-frequency channel correction.

First, let us to connect to the digital input. In this case, the sound is dynamic enough and open, with a thin rendering of mid- and high-frequency bands. The low-frequency register pleases more with its composure than with depth - at the recordings of drums instruments there is no even a hint of tightening the signal fronts. The sound space has a visible depth and a true scale, keeping the positions of imaginary images.

The sound of Denon AVR-1612 seems more noble at the analog input. The happened changes relate to a more natural middle, which is noticeably enriched with timbres. Discants became slightly more natural - light synthetic sounds completely disappeared.

Excellent performance in the theatrical mode - mostly due to the advanced system of auto correction, which provided a complete presence effect. Also, the confident transfer of even rich battle scenes with a heap of various sounds is worth noting.

Denon AVR-1612 AV-receiver photo