CD-player Musical Fidelity M3CD

All metal case has a matte finish, which is now fashionable to put on expensive SUVs, two horizontal bevel and anodized nameplate logo line - that's all the decorations. Apparently, the designers believe that bred player, as opposed to the child should be heard but not seen. M3CD equipped with good transport slot-loading on the right side, which is not often. On the left is the LCD display (white numbers on a blue background shine like stars in the winter sky), looked at the back cover, you know: the designers considered a balanced tire overkill (her fans, please contact the product more expensive series M6). In addition to single-ended analog outputs are coaxial and optical outputs of the digital audio stream. "Engine" are 24-bit DAC operating in dual differential mode (two per channel); upsampling to 24/192 before DAC there, but he DAC increases the sampling rate up to 352 kHz. This allowed the company after spending significant research output filters, to abandon the traditional integrated circuit solutions for the benefit of the analog unit on discrete elements. Five independent units are supplied with current from the power source to the throttle filter that reduces power supply noise and the dependence on the input voltage surges.

Functions. Their set - as the standard CD-player: the ability to rewind, shuffle or programmed order, as well as playing the fragment or repeat playback of the first ten seconds of each track.

Management. Silver capsules controls located ergonomically - the window IR receiver in the middle divides them into two work areas; power button and eject are at a distance, in order to prevent depression by mistake. But why on the remote control arm, responsible for the most popular features are not located in the middle and at the bottom?

Recomendations. Pleasantly test apparatus manufacturers who care primarily sound quality, and not all kinds of "bells and whistles". We literally struck realism playback singing, accuracy and volume of the sound images, audio of latitude, and handling the bass. If you dream about the CD-player, which plays only a "compact", but with the highest quality, your dream has come true.

Musical Fidelity M3CD CD-player photo