Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 CD-player

The player and supply unit are created in united style, but they have different sizes, so it wouldn't be aesthetically to put them upon one another. The faceplate of the player is made of silver and grey aluminum and is added by LCD-display with blue indication - if you look directly at the display it looks beautiful, but if you slightly go aside or overlook, it becomes unavailable. Ribbed side boarders of the body are black, and instead of legs the modules are put on rubber runners and this will save other elements from scratchers. A micrometric transport Philips is installed in the player Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 - it is also used in A5 series. A digital filter, which uses the method of interpolation for accuracy increase of mathematic calculations at conversion of digital signal into analogue form, controls upsampling of usual signal (44,1 kHz/16bit) up to 192kHz/24bit. High qualitative Delta-Sigma-DAC almost hasn't got distortion and keeps jitter meaning at minimal level. The channel is made on two converters in differential connection that promotes low correlation signal/noise output. The construction of the devise is symmetric. A powerful toroid transformer with separate secondary side for different components of the line is mounted in external supply unit. The rectifiers, smoothers and balancers in the player and in other modules are built-in.

In an attempt to catch up and surpass "high resolution" using simple CD and very modern today upsampling, the creators of CD players, to our mind, overlooks (or accepts) one nuance. Probably, you can argue about it, but you pay attention to it. We say about excessive dryness and synthetical character at high frequencies. From one hand this is even a plus - if your room is too muted and in the result of this (or just by its character) the sound of using speakers is "cotton" and flabby. However, if you get used to bright sound, in the issue there will be some excess of this brightness. It was mentioned too in our case. At the same time we can't keep silent about lots of pluses: crystal clarity, definition of images and deep relief of stage. Expression and dynamics, energy and neutrality - these can't be separated from the amplifier. The same is with good, rich middle and bumping, "perceptible to the eye" low frequencies. Evidently, such sound will be stroked a chord with not only lovers of rhythm and popular styles, but listeners of the classic. String passages, piano placers, trills of flutes - everything was interesting and very truly. Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 undoubtedly earns a trip in life.

You should buy this amplifier at least with external supply unit (Triple-X PSU) of like-named line X, because the player doesn't have own power transformer and is equipped by special, stated power cord with XLR plug. Further use with any other sound-amplifying devices doesn't cause any troubles. From the other hand you can build finished construction, bethought by the "architects" of the brand, buying two more "bricks" - amplifier and tuner. The supply unit is intended for work with them. Each channel, providing the modules by energy, is marked and you won't mix up what and where connect to. The player revives at the same time with turning of power center. We recommend you to put them at some distance from each other.

Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 CD-player photo