Musical Fidelity M6CD/DAC CD-player

Already from the model's name it becomes clear that the functionality of this device is not limited only by the playback of CDs. Musical Fidelity M6CD/DAC found a place for a high-end DAC with USB support. The original transport mechanism with a metal tray is located on the right side of the case, to the left of it there is a contrast LCD-display, which does not give crosstalk to the low-current parts of the circuit. Controls on the front panel are arranged in two lines. Buttons are not too large and the same in size, and are grouped logically from a functional point of view. The power supply unit has a large-sized toroidal transformer with separate windings for digital and analog circuits. The used converter has the parameters of 24/192, and immediately before it the data is subjected to eightfold oversampling. In the external DAC mode, in addition to USB, coaxial and optical inputs are available for connecting sources. The signal to the amplifier can be fed both through the usual RCA and balanced XLR.

The British brand - Musical Fidelity - has always been famous for its exquisite representation of music with genuine realism of sound. M6CD/DAC can be attributed to genre-omnivorous sources, combining several important components in its sound. The first thing to note is the almost unlimited macro-dynamics of playback, which is quite suitable for an adequate representation of a wide variety of musical styles. Another useful feature of the source is the ability to maintain the correct tonal balance in any situation, whether it is vocal playing or a cheeky rock play. The device delicately presents the middle range, which is virtually devoid of digital plaque, but also not unbalanced, as in some sources of the lower price range. The focus of the sound image results in a surprisingly stable construction of the stage.

Musical Fidelity M6CD/DAC CD-player photo