CD-player Pioneer PD-D9MK2-K

Pioneer, refusing to release televisions, has focused on audio equipment, and particularly pleased that in his catalog began to appear serious stereo component. In this case, start from scratch does not have to - in the new rulers continued the traditions established in the golden years of Hi-Fi. Forty years ago, to have power, deck or Pioneer speakers would consider the happiness of any self-respecting music fan.

Would not it be audiophiles blessing in disguise - losing television market competitors, the company decided to go back to basics. Under this strategy, not so long ago were released a series of new features G-Clef, which is now two integrated amplifier A-A9MK2-K and A-A6MK2-K, two CD/SACD-player PD-D9MK2-K and PD-D6MK2-K plus DAB-tuner F-F6MK2-K. A distinctive feature of the models G-Clef was an unusual design with a curved front panel and carefully sound tuning, for which engineers were involved in the London studio AIR Studios. They are considered not only recognized authorities in the field of professional audio recording, but also the design of unique equipment. The staff picked up personally George Martin, who founded AIR Studios after leaving EMI in 1969.

The main objective when creating PD-D9MK2-K was the maximum approximation to the sound that hears sound in the studio while recording. Much attention has been paid to the power supply system - was designed by an improved source with two transformers, Schottky diodes, high-quality capacitors and stabilizers that have no feedback. Rigid chassis with a honeycomb structure, thick curved front panel and adjustable feet TAOC Hi-Carbon effectively suppress vibration. By weight (11 kg), this player will not give serious integrated amplifier.

But the emphasis, of course, was given to the sound path. When playing a CD proprietary digital filter Legato Link PRO fourfold increases the sampling rate and bit depth increases the signal to 24 bits. Actual conversion is performed chips Wolfson Microsonic, working in the format 24/192. Legato Link mode, you can disable the button on the remote. How will this affect the sound, we learn later, now briefly discuss some of the technical aspects.

It is known that the digital-to-analog conversion of the output signal appearing RF components, which must not get to the output of the player. For this purpose they filtration - partial digital tract, partly analog. And how this problem will be solved to a large extent depends on the nature of sound. As standard, all frequencies above 20 kHz cut in number, and finally cleans active analog filters. AFC player at the same time has a sharp, almost vertical drop after 20 kHz, which is why this method is called brick wall - "brick wall". But everything has the opposite direction - in the absence of high-frequency noise on the output of such a path is unimportant phase characteristics and requires special measures to suppress the "ringing", ie blurring the edges of a digital signal.

In Legato Link all made much trickier. Both digital and analog filters are cut only a narrow band near 20 kHz, and anything higher, up to 40 kHz, decreases very slowly, so the portion of the RF output goes to. It is considered that thus eliminates audible noise, and the rest is in ultrasound and does not affect the sound. But it turns out perfect phase response, including by simplifying the analog filters that can be first order.

In addition to the CD and SACD, this player plays discs with compressed files mp3 and WMA. The brightness of the blue fluorescent display is regulated button Dimmer, and in Pure Audio its power is turned off completely.

Long and narrow panel is made of aluminum, which gives it a nice weight. The buttons are available, well thought out. Player responds quickly to commands, the transition from one track to another is virtually instantaneous. Job mechanics silent.

The player has a light, comfortable and at the same time incredibly detailed sound. Symphonic music can be heard on the slightest nuances in the bottom and the top register. However, the character of the latter depends on whether the mode Legato Link. If so, what tools such as a triangle, timpani, cymbals, get amazing shine, and it does not get lost purity and transparency.

Mid is warm, rich tones, which is especially noticeable in the female vocals. No dissonance, all musical accents correctly. A sense of calm and confidence. Corporeal images, but sometimes they seem to be detached from the rest of the background. The general atmosphere is perceived a little sparse, due to which the spatial pattern of slightly simplified as a diorama. But foregrounds drawn simply masterful, with all the details and a rich tonal palette. When you disable Legato Link scene builds in depth, formed the background, and all sources are clearly recorded. The upper range of slightly darkened, it no longer seems so sparkling. And it can hardly be considered a minus - for genres such as, for example, Dream Theater, with a hard spectrum, calm RF range is much better. Here, the main intelligibility and energy, and with this, PD-D9MK2-K okay. The sound of a powerful, groovy and balanced throughout the range.

With the move to SACD lost even the slightest cause for criticism. Subconscious feeling figure is completely absent, the sound field to truly three-dimensionally, no simplifications in the transmission space. Moreover, they exhibit characteristic for very expensive player - music appears as if out of thin air, as in the concert hall at the introduction beautifully played by the orchestra.

Pioneer PD-D9MK2-K CD-player photo