Pioneer PD-204 CD-player

The branded variant of one-bit converter, which has the name of PULSEFLOW, is used in Pioneer PD-204 player. This is the microcircuit, which implements the principle from Pioneer; others - from Sony. Headphones output is adjustable and the volume knob's position does not affect the level on the linear output. From the remote control you can adjust the voltage level in the linear output from the fixed 2,1 V to 110 mV (25 steps with 1 dB). The manufacturer, avoiding interference from the indicator, provided its disconnection after starting the playback. By the way, I should note that this is one of few two-color indicators, on which red color highlights "pause" mode, excess of the number of displayed in music calendar (maximum 19) tracks and deactivation of the indicator. Length of tracks' sequence in the program is maximally 24. There is one limit, which is insignificant in most cases at the playing of simple discs: trying to enter the track number above 30, the player will refuse to do this. Before you enable record mode, you can automatically determine the maximal level on this disc in order to install the level correctly. Pioneer PD-204 player requires about 1 minute for scanning a disc, in the result of which 6 seconds are chosen with the greatest level.

Pioneer PD-204 CD-player photo