DVD-player Marantz DV6001

Generational difference manifested, in particular, the fact that there DV3002 audiophile option to disable the video path when playing music CDs, and at much more expensive DV6001 it is not. However, as we have already managed to make a little bit earlier, with proper design of the machine constantly working, even with video channels can sound very, very good.

Continuing the parallels with the model tested in the last issue, I note that the current test has support DVD-Audio/SACD, DTS decoders and 5.1 analog outputs. Conversion figure/analogue stereo outputs on it engaged DAC chip AK4382 (y DV3002 - more modern AK4385), and multi-channel outputs to output the signal from the DAC in the diagram CS4360. Twice the sampling frequency of video DAC - 216 MHz (at the same bit depth - 12 bits). Also note that the lower panel of the case, our hero bilayer, which is designed to more effectively isolate vibrations from the trucks.

Remote - the same with the light rechargeable buttons, very comfortable.

In regard to switching, DV6001 differs from the rest of the test only in the presence of the service interface and RS232C connector FLASHER IN, which are intended to be included in the installation of multi player. And although not the latest model, its scaler can output to HDMI signal up to 1080p. Switchable resolution as the remote control and front-panel. However, component outputs HD-video is not displayed. In turn, adjust the display settings do not work on HDMI and act only with analog connection.

Discover any "weakness" in regard to the "problem" of media failed. On the contrary, it should be noted pleasant and, unfortunately, a rare feature in our test - support CD Text.

Strip PLUGE not looked at any analog or digital connection with. And even switching black level (0 - 7.5 IRE) does not help her "get". Otherwise flawless image - one of the best in the test. It is, of course, on how to connect to HDMI - on analogue picture considerably dirtier.

Music played a little less body and tightly than on the reference player, but the difference is, frankly, does not matter. Perhaps a reference player plays a little softer and more comfortable. In addition, at the DV6001 slightly "thinner" vocal sounds. However, in some recordings (particularly hard rock), he served vigorously.

However, activating the Upsampling several changes the picture. When set to x2 difference compared to the reference goes to a minimum, and two x4 device play almost indistinguishable. Moreover, some records (of the same hard rock) DV6001 sounds more expressive and thus not so crude as Denon DVD-2930.

Marantz DV6001 DVD-player photo