DVD-player Marantz DV6500

By the appearance of the device developers came up thoroughly. The front panel is made of metal, in the back - plated RCA-connectors, not only audio and video outputs, but firm control bus Marantz D.Bus. Cabinet depth is small, but the height is close to the record on the test, that certainly gives the appearance of the device reliability. In the model number DVD-players as 6500-th occupies one of the initial steps (which does not affect the price), so it is not surprising that the video DAC is not as powerful as its competitors (54 MHz, 10-bit).

Function. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has dubbed his creation as a "multimedia machine", JPEG-MP3-and WMA-files, the model reproduces only CD (file names are displayed line by 25 characters), but not with DVD, DivX video format is not supported. When watching a DVD image adjustment (brightness, contrast, etc.) rests entirely on the shoulders of the TV or panels - these options are not available. But when playing "exclusive" - no compromise. While listening to DVD-Audio dedicated buttons on the remote control, you can scroll the page design these drives and hybrid SACD layer provides a choice (CD or SACD). In addition, to maximize the quality of implemented special mode Audio EX., when in order to reduce interference completely disabled the video card and display.

Management. Basic play can be activated as a major buttons front panel and remote control. Mouse a lot, but it is spacious. Settings menu is available only in Stop.

Recommendations. Serious device for those who prefer to enjoy your "exclusive" watching movies on DVD, and "compressed" format does not recognize at all and is ready to pay well for Hi-Fi-attributes - a careful stereotrakt, metal bezel, gold-plated connectors.

Marantz DV6500 DVD-player photo