Home Theatre System Yamaha DVR-S150

Handed control buttons on the top panel of the main unit, allowing you to place the unit at a low altitude. However, if you need to see when configuring the display (such as when you install the tuner presets that the remote control is not available), the user will have to sit in front of the machine to squat. Small speakers prepared for installation on the shelf and wall mounting and equipped with standard terminals, which facilitates system upgrades. I must say that the issue of "muscle building" developers were very seriously. Is there a digital audio output, allowing the receiver to easily be transformed into a standard player and subwoofer line output, enabling the system to enrich active woofer. Digital amplifier has a high power at low THD, which allows consumers to connect to the system full range front speakers. Provided "through" AV-input for connecting a VCR and record it.

Function. The model reproduces the record only the most popular formats, but has a mode matrix 6.1 creates virtual rear center on 6.1 soundtracks. Set DSP modes - traditionally extensive (there is even the option of silent cinema, simulating multi-channel effect of the headphones). Auto programming stations tuner can begin with any preset number increase or decrease the frequency. Non presets can be changed.

Management. Requires some knowledge and skills and more advanced approach theatergoers. When working with remote DVD-receiver is like a three different devices: amplifier, CD player and tuner. Of changing the function of some buttons, but indicate what part of it is currently managed, no. Complicated and system level adjustment channels. On the test signal does not change the volume of the front is governed by only the balance, and in another menu. The remaining channels are several ways to control. At each level of the test signal can be set individually. Another method involves previously established adjustment of levels from 0 to 100% in each channel. All this is very confusing, so we recommend using the automatic calibration (YPAO). It involves checking the speakers connected, their polarity connection, sets the delay and levels phasing checks and roughly measuring frequency response, determines and sets the size of the speakers. It is noteworthy that the YPAO settings and user settings are stored in memory independently and can be selected using the remote control, comparing the results.

Regulates all basic video settings up to shift the image. Not as witty organized the process by which playback software: you select the desired track and press confirm, but the indication of track entered into the program or not, no. There is not even indicate that exhausted the limit of the program. See the playlist can change anything but will not succeed. You can only rewrite the whole program again.

Sound. Better system does not reproduce the macro-and microeffects. This is due, primarily, the fact that the decline in the subwoofer starts quite early. Powered subwoofer easily without appreciable voltage, but has little rumbling sound. Small increases underscore treble sound detail, but without tiring ringing when shooting or breaking glass.

Allowable volume in the absence of material misstatement is about 80% of the maximum. In tuner with manual setting of the station sound is often cleaner than when the same station preset. The console is available only brute presets.

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