Floor standing speakers Audio Pro Cinema Precision PM-09S

In the line of Swedish Cinema Precision Audio Pro has two "size" for flat speakers - PM-02 (mini-monitors), and PM-09 (monitors). Second, there are performed by PM-09S and PM-09C, front and center, respectively. Also sold 5.1 kit, consisting of five mini-PM-02 monitors and a subwoofer. Subjects with an index 09S made of aluminum alloy and look very, very presentable, besides such cases are successfully reduce resonant vibrations. Under the silvery protective grille (complete and there are black - for real aesthetes) are two 100mm bass/midrange driver, located between 25 mm tweeter, and the edges of the acoustic ensemble are bass reflex (with foam plugs). Miniature screw terminals on the rear panel - strictly in the middle. Connectors do not support the "banana", but each has a slot for a screwdriver or edge of a coin, making it easier to commit wire.

Speakers can be wall mounted (for this, the set includes special brackets, however, have to buy their own screws), and can be installed on a special stand (sold separately rack to install speakers on the floor and on the table/shelf).

Very cool that CA manages popular music, especially its composition with female vocals, which sounds just fine: emotional, exciting, heartfelt. Great get inventive, bright and catchy arrangements spatial effects all these sound bends, fireworks and other electronic tricks. The tonal balance is perceived as slightly restrained: speakers are not predisposed to rounded edges of the image, choose the tip roundness. It's not Hi-Fi, but the sound is surprisingly easy, natural "lies" by ear.

In general, the amplitude-frequency terrain dominated by beautiful, spectacular average, and the bass and treble flanks as if they are framed. Bass a couple small but nicely rounded, collected, elastic. There really bugged tinge - a kind of sound "makeup". Of course, the model will be very useful help correct woofers. The music scene of the speakers, a clear air, extended in depth.

Unassuming, quiet sound spectacle played out these speakers are sure to impress the few.

Audio Pro Cinema Precision PM-09S Floor standing speakers photo