Audio Pro Black Diamond v.2 Floor standing speakers

These floor standing speakers have much in common with compact Black Pearl by Audio Pro. For example, not only black lacquered finish, but also a two-way scheme and even drivers are the same. For high frequencies, a fabric dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet is placed in a specially designed aluminum case for better phase linearity. For midrange and bass there is a 165-mm midwoofer with diffuser made of polyphenylene oxide (PPO) with air filling. However, in Black Diamond, this driver works not with a simple bass reflex, but with a socket between the case and the base.

It is not easy to get the perfect bass from a single driver that should reproduce the middle as well. But it seems that the engineers at Audio Pro managed to make a small miracle. Although the Black Diamond's lowest frequencies are not very successful, it's a sin to complain about the lack of energy in the high bass. Higher in spectrum, the system's capabilities are even more impressive. The voices are conveyed gently and in detail. The tops sound soft and airy (although they do not indulge in high realism). The soundstage is accurate, stable, and expressed in depth no worse than loudspeakers of a class higher. There are no errors even in the transmission of spatial width of the sources.

Audio Pro Black Diamond v.2 Floor standing speakers photo