Audio Pro Black Pearl v.2 Bookshelf speakers

Formally, the "version 2" loudspeakers from Audio Pro belong to the Image series. But the main difference between the model is not in the finish and not even in the name, but in the drivers. The Black Pearl has a fundamentally different tweeter. Due to the use of a neodymium magnet and a two-chamber aluminum case, it was possible to achieve a linear phase response and a reduced resonant frequency from the fabric dome. A fresh solution also looks like replacing polypropylene in diffusers of midwoofers with polyphenylene oxide (polyphenol oxide), and not ordinary, but air-filled.

It is rare that a monitor with a small volume of the case is able to convey low, intense bass without distorting the middle. The Black Pearl in this sense are simply exceptional loudspeakers: the track, where energetic double-bass picks and female vocals are heard at the same time, they reproduced better than competitors. There are other strong qualities: excellent dynamics, for example. The tonal balance cannot be called linear - the Black Pearl has a deficit of high frequencies. But it is impossible to classify this as a "cotton top", so, although these acoustic systems do not shine with trebles, they convey them legibly, with a tangible "atmosphere". The sound stage is also specific - it is wide, but does not indulge in great depth.

Audio Pro Black Pearl v.2 Bookshelf speakers photo