Floor standing speakers Yamaha NS-F101

Massive housing Yamaha speakers are made of plastic and painted silver. When creating speakers engineers used three-way circuit configured in a gated enclosure, where a high-frequency region corresponds to a 19mm speaker, and the middle and lower ranges of "service" 4 drivers 100 mm diameter, two for each band. RF head is positioned in the center column, the other speakers are set symmetrically - two above and two below. Speakers closes silver grille, but look at the removed grill these speakers from Yamaha is much more interesting - white "dome" midrange/bass heads beautifully stand out. Connecting to an amplifier realized by very deserving of screw terminals, which, moreover, support the "banana" connectors and are designed to lead a decent section. For mounting the speakers on the wall are not used special brackets and screws necessary ordinary resolution - on the back side of the speaker cut the holes. Also provided and outdoor performance - only need to buy a special stand, available separately.

Yamaha speakers demonstrate a perfectly balanced sound, which in many respects complies with Hi-Fi. This enables the model to make a serious bid for leadership in this test. Speakers have a very comfortable and at the same time quite correctly, that there may not like the listener. Sound image cohesive, harmonious, no variegation and eclecticism, it is very solid and does not break into pieces. In the bottom of the spectral scale emerges quite dense, weighty bass. His tone moderately high tonal structures are clear and well defined. Yamaha speakers learn only the top of the bass range, but it's enough to give the middle and upper registers palpable low frequency support. "Mid" in these speakers is smooth, transparent and well-Detailed, top - voiced perfectly articulated. Speakers presented a bit exaggerated HF items, so sometimes the top bristles lots of sound "needles". It should be noted that the sound of these speakers is famous for outstanding dynamics throughout the frequency range. Moreover, the model can be sensitive to the very quiet sound elements of the tissue from which "weaved" a musical image, but very assertive when climbing steep slopes high amplitude.

Acquisition of this model seems to be rather seductive alternative for the consumer.

Yamaha NS-F101 Floor standing speakers photo