Floor standing speakers Athena Technologies S3/P2

Athena Technologies - the Canadian branch of the concern Audio Product International. His credo - to orient the user block construction home audio complex. Powerful advantage of this approach is the ability to build this complex phase of technologically homogeneous components. Revered causes four-abundance "Sparky" subwoofer P2 and voluminous three-band like bookshelf speaker S3. The subwoofer emits the floor, twisted spiral resonator tube for maximum length of the duct. Lower tumbler Blend inverts the phase of the signal. Upper - adapiruet subwoofer to work with different brand passive blocks (S3 or S2). Regulator bandwidth varies smoothly off frequency, you need to align the subwoofer with any speaker. If a touch pad P2 not shoot jumpers, a high signal will go through the passive column mounting "rails". There is also a line input. For each speaker - its decorative mask.

It is clear that without a powered subwoofer complement S3 - full steam acoustic bass that draws attention to themselves - sharp, showy, it is in perfect harmony with a contrasting relief treble. When you turn on P2 overall style remains the same low-frequency representation, but deep pressure component is radically changing the scale of sound events. Integrated bass unusually "Jungle" in modern compositions, delighting excellent dynamics and rare purity details. At moderate levels easily manages to balance the system to work with "thin" musical forms. In the same large-scale symphonic sound abundance of deep bass with enough middle might seem excessive, distracting, or even overwhelming. But if we use timbral correctors external amplifiers, you can balance the sound and the most "severe" symphonies. Very expressive performance in "Athens" any vocals, spectacular string. Generally after familiarity with the system is the impression that she just released by a wide margin - and the power and dynamics, as in an expensive American car... This "stock" useful in the theater. Front depicts excellent firing of all firearms when needed causes jitter for loose objects in the room listening. Well, perhaps only occasionally want to "look" a little deeper in the transmission of acoustic effects accompanying the tectonic disaster.

Concept seems attractive chunked build acoustic complex. On the one hand, on the S3 is quite possible to listen to music without the low-frequency support, and on the other - with a combination S3/P2 of time can enhance the subwoofer P3. Although P2 and subwoofer power supply is more than sufficient even for a spacious room.

Athena Technologies S3/P2 Floor standing speakers photo