Pioneer VSX-LX70 AV-receiver

Extremely rich by different functions receiver Pioneer VSX-LX70 has one interesting feature - it has a network port LAN. Familiar to any user slot is unnoticeably located on the back panel near HDMI connectors (5 ones). The presence of LAN means that the oldest device of LX series supports Digital Living Network technology, being developed by the alliance DLNA (it includes Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Intel and so on). This standard can become the base for forwarding multimedia information between any components of home consumer electronics. Plasma panel Pioneer, firmed BD-player, receiver and PC can be combined into local media network (Home Media Gallery) and gain the ability to share AV-streams of any quality at high speeds. However, HDMI will be useful too. The overall design of Pioneer techniques says for construction of the system from brand components. Flagship LX70 in a brilliant black lacquer looks really gorgeous. It is equipped by all HD-decoders, seven-channel amplifier, Sound Retriever algorithm for improving the sound of compressed music. There is USB for connection portable electronics. The certification by the THX Select2 category provides the model not only formal but also the actual benefits. Among them are advanced bass-management, 7.1 sound on standard DVD (THX Cinema mode), THX Music Mode processing for musical recordings. Stream Direct mode allows listening to the musicin its purest form. Powerful amplification block is a familiar trump of Pioneer. It is quite easy to rate the quality of amplification path for external signs - the receiver is noticeably higher and heavier than most of other receivers. The device gives an opportunity to connect front speakers by bi-amping . Calibration system MCACC here works with setting and adaptation of speakers' sound to the acoustic of a room. In short, the construction turned out to be brilliant by all the parameters.

The algorithm of MCACC work is similar to the sequence used in the receiver VSX-LX50. With too high noise level (in the understanding of the receiver it is a quiet conversation) the message "Too much ambient noise" appears. While the procedure of autocalibration MCACC sequentially performs the alignment of levels in different channels (Channel Level), the distance to the speakers (Speaker Distance), analyzes the distribution of room resonators in the location point of the microphone and automatically tries to compensate them. The main sound instrument of Pioneer calibration system is nine-line parametrical equalizer in which every line has adjustable q-factor and the gain (attenuation). In the end the system checks connection polarity of the speakers but not only. The function Full Band Phase Control is of great interest too. The developers assure that with a help of this function MCACC eliminates phase problems of multi-way speakers, appearing due to imperfections of their crossovers and dynamics. Moreover, there is a real opportunity to accurately agree subwoofer sound with other speaker systems - the work of FBPC applies to it too. The result of complex configuration exceeds all expectations. Excellent work of onboard amplifiers Pioneer VSX-LX70 at the connection through both digital and analogue inputs gives luxurious dynamic acuity to familiar films on DVD and HD media. Only marketing approach of the company afflicts - not everybody likes black receivers.

Calibration of speaker systems can be performed both automatically and manually (Manual MCACC). But it will be better to trust the automatic algorithm. Prerequisite - keep silence during this procedure. Graphical calibration results can be displayed on the computer screen by connecting it to the receiver through RS-232.

Pioneer VSX-LX70 AV-receiver photo