Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Opera 5 mkII

Exclusive - this can be said about any of the acoustics of the French Davis. And it is not the price or the original finish. French (legendary Champagne, Troyes) in these matters try to adhere to the standard, or more precisely - dictated by market standards. Elitist it should be named for two other reasons. After all, as every new product usually appears in the acoustic industry majors? Please carefully study the market is calculated budget, formed rigid terms of reference, and then - the incremental development, testing, and finally, the conveyor, advertising, five stars... In Davis to the creation of each new model is compatible not only with the calculation of how much creatively, not limiting themselves any convention - a goal the company is going, as if improvising, and it shows on the original engineering and technological methods, which can be found only in the acoustics of this brand. And production at Davis has little to do with conveyor. Each pair of speakers - from the master copy. Such work can not fail to appreciate.

And to all the above was not empty words, we give an example of the latest Opera 5 mkII. Former "Opera" was considered a successful model primarily on the ratio quality/price. But Davis suddenly decided that you can do even better. This required - attention! - Change the proportions a little body, to replace all the speakers, and simultaneously reshape filters. Only enthusiasts can call this restructuring update. Indeed, Opera 5 mkII differs from its predecessor, as heaven and earth instead of Kevlar woofers installed new cellulosic diffusers, further hardened graphite coating. Midrange was acoustically transparent cast basket and titanium tweeter transducer gave way to an open fabric dome treated elastic polymer.

Sound "from the heart of France", as they say in advertising Davis, expressive, calm and slightly sweet. Strictly speaking, Opera 5 mkII can not be assigned to a number of systems with the exact analytic playback, but among the other speakers from France, these - just a standard loyalty. With a very high sensitivity, Opera 5 mkII encouraging good musical balance and dynamics of the live playback. At an altitude of, however, and "delicate matter" - speakers have sufficient microdynamics qualities to detect even in a very dense spectrum of all sound details and does not simplify and almost does not distort sounds, indicating a high harmonic resolution. Special specificity news from France is manifested only in the sound stage. Enlarged images, panorama nominated for the listener on the remote separation plans were not highly stable. In tonal balance, we note the characteristic points - slightly elevated bass in the band 80 - 100 Hz, slightly tinted middle. But even the most critical listener tuned "Opera" is capable, if not charm, then at least from the first moments to draw in the listener interested.

Davis Acoustics Opera 5 mkII Floor standing speakers photo