Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Matisse

Relatively young company (founded in 1986), created by the talented engineer Michel Visan, just 22 years the company has evolved into a super-modern, developing and making loudspeakers for home and automotive applications, as well as components for them.

Executed in luxurious lacquered body slender tower with a great name Matisse (apparently in honor of the painter and sculptor Henri Matisse) undoubtedly appeal to fans of exquisite and strict European style. However, hiding behind the veneer and very strong technical nature. Here we are dealing with a three-way bass reflex system, built on four dynamic heads. It is traditional for Davis Kevlar midrange with a 5-inch diaphragm, a pair of paper bass drivers of the same diameter and 25mm soft dome tweeter. All the dynamics of its own design and manufacture, that nowadays quite a rarity.

Connecting the speaker cables in all ways possible, including wire connection bi-wiring and bi-amping. And in this case, switching is not difficult, the benefit of Matisse, with quality screw terminals accept any type of connectors.

The sound of the pair differs utmost clarity and unusual for the French system linearity. Pleases correct and detailed study of the full range of performance and adequate transmission design. Musical works are treated openly and emotionally rich, which makes it quite a long time to listen to different records is not particularly tiring.

Huge plus also be considered and the resolution in mid-frequency band, which can envy and some speakers a much higher cost. Voices vocalists clean, with an enviable nuances of intonation. It's easy to feel the full expression of performance and even to some extent - their breathing technique. Davis Acoustics Matisse showed themselves and playing music chamber genres played small compositions, but on phonograms with a lot of tools or powerful bass passages are slightly baffled. It is expressed in a small confusion generated in the midbass region and in a certain way the rest of the veiling spectrum. This "feature" is quite forgivable as manifested only at levels above the average, and most potential owners of these speakers are unlikely to pay attention to it.

A few words should be said about the sound stage. Its formation is consistent with the price category to which they belong, these speakers. It's pretty broad and goes beyond the perimeter arrangement acoustics, but it still lacks the depth separation Nevertheless soundscapes quite corporeal and clearly positioned in space.

Davis Acoustics Matisse Floor standing speakers photo