Quad 23L Classic Floor standing speakers

A representative of the famous British brand differs by an original acoustic design. A passive ABR radiator with the diameter of 165 mm is installed in the lower part of the body in aid of five-inch Kevlar low-frequency speaker. Due to this it became able to get quite a deep bass in small volume (according to the specification the bottom bound is 35 Hz). Midrange area is committed to a similar by design correcting waveguide. Due to the significant in sizes sound coil and powerful magnetic system this radiator is able to elaborate sharp peaks of signal with minimal distortion.

In the main band the transparency of playback is high and this effect is saved at any volume level. A correct articulation and placement of accents on any phonograms are typical for Quad 23L. Tonal balance is perceived slightly raised and due to this reason tones of some instruments may seem to be too lush. For minimization of this effect it is enough to slightly turn the system out. In lower range the sound of Quad is fast but the deepest bass was a bit amorphous. Sound scene is monolithic and fills the whole listening room. It is not possible to find fault in the positioning and the scale of space.

Quad 23L Classic Floor standing speakers photo