Quad 22L2 Floor standing speakers

L2 series, the top model of which is 22L2, is positioned by the manufacturer as universal set for wide range of tasks. All systems of the series have elegant natural veneer finish and classical layout. Quad 22L2 are built by 2,5-way scheme and have bass-reflex acoustic design. The systems differ neither by large sizes nor arabesque lines of the body; their feature is external severity at the highest quality. Drivers are three there. This is the branded 25-mm tweeter with a fabric dome, being placed in a small horn. Its working band impresses - up to 28 kHz and, by the way, it's not so easy to get it with a soft dome. The engineers of Quad have used Kevlar fiber for the manufacture of woofer's diffusers for a long time due to high rigidity and small weight. Two 170-mm drivers made of this material, one of which has a phase-equalizing header, are used in the model. Crossover filter is built on the selected elements and each loudspeaker has two pairs of input terminals, giving you the possibility of bi-wiring connection to an amplifier.

Quad 22L2 played quite accurately and without special comments all musical material without giving obvious preferences to any genre. The records of vocal parts and different instruments with rich overtones sounded very naturally and lively in their performance. This is the merit of ultimately veracious transfer of the midrange - open and rich with smallest details. Generally, quad systems attracts by the uniformity of sound and absence of accents at any part of the reproduced spectrum. Bass is good for its small size; it is quite deep and movable. It is worth to note that even at the recordings, richest with low frequencies, its relief almost always stays recognizable, with clearly pronounced rhythmic middle.

We can a bit criticize Quad 22L2 for not so riotous (as we would like) dynamics at symphonic music, but, considering the British tendency to a certain angularity, this is forgivable.

I have no special claims to sound stage at correct installation of loudspeakers relatively to the listener. The space is built accurately, with clear localization of sound images over the entire width of the stage.

Quad 22L2 Floor standing speakers photo