Phonar S150G Floor standing speakers

Slim floor S150G are two-way with bass-reflex design. Drivers of exceptional quality are ordered in the leading specialized manufacturer. Phonar has been the local distributor of the Danish loudspeakers for a long time, so its developers know well the potential of European drivers. The tweeter with a fabric membrane is equipped with a small horn and massive flange that prevents possible resonances. Two woofers have a relatively small size (130 mm), but total area of their diffusers promises a decent bass. The systems' finish is in German thorough and all in all this system makes the impression of good and qualitative thing.

Main advantages of Phonar S150G appeared from the first minutes of the listening. A significant feature of these speaker systems is, undoubtedly, clear, transparent middle and more than decent dynamics for such modest by volume bodies. But tonal balance still seems to be slightly shifted towards high frequencies. This happens because it is physically difficult for the systems to play deep bass - in this case the kick is transferred correctly, but there is a lack of fullness in the lower case.

The tweeter works efficiently, with the minimum of synthetics and high certainty. A slight compression may sometimes arise at high levels. The mentioned limits appear extremely delicately and do not tire. The stage is built with quite sufficient width, but is slightly pushed forward to the listener.

Phonar S150G Floor standing speakers photo