Phonar Veritas P4 Next Floor standing speakers

Veritas line has undergone revision not long ago, marking all updated models with "Next". The bodies of redesigned P4 kept a slight slope (for phase coherence of drivers) and at the same became much more rigid due to the internal bulkheads. Rear bass-reflex with low-noise air port is used as the acoustic design. A pair of 130-mm drivers from Peerless consistently work in 2,5-way system. The upper part of the played band (from 2800 Hz) is sounded by 26-mm Scan-Speak tweeter - one of the leaders in the manufacture of dynamical drivers. Internal wiring is made with audiophile Wireworld cable and the selected components with minimal spread of parameters are used in the crossover. Tonal balance of Phonar Veritas P4 Next is slightly shifted to high-frequency area, resulting in some emphasize of vocal sibilants. But at the same time there is a certain effect of airiness, where the smallest HF-detail is drawn with the highest accuracy. Emphasized brightness of the sound can be largely compensated by careful selection of acoustic cable. The systems show powerful confident bass and sufficient for small rooms dynamical capabilities. We will especially note almost complete absence of bodies' side tones and non-critical contribution of air port. Stage is dense, with confident focus, including the edges.

Phonar Veritas P4 Next Floor standing speakers photo